E-RIHS.pl is a Polish consortium for the study of historic objects using physicochemical methods, created by 13 institutions from Gdańsk, Kraków, Toruń, Warsaw and Wrocław. E-RIHS.pl has been on the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures since January 2020. At this address, you can find a brochure published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with a description of all approved Infrastructures. E-RIHS.pl is a bottom-up initiative of its research centers. E-RIHS.pl declares its intention to participate and participates in the creation of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science: E-RIHS. E-RIHS.pl is an open structure – it invites you to cooperation and participation. E-RIHS.pl  offers the community of conservators, art historians, museologists and archaeologists access to a unique research infrastructure and know-how .


Piotr Targowski
Nicolaus Copernicus University


NCU Nicolaus Copernicus University

AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

INCT Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry them. Jerzy Haber PAS

Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery them. R. Szewalski PAS

LANBOZ National Museum in Krakow

NCNR National Center for Nuclear Research

WUT Warsaw University of Technology

CRE Cracow University of Economics

Jagiellonian University

University of Warsaw

University of Wrocław

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