Organization and governance

Organization of the ERIC

Governance and structure

We are a distributed Research Infrastructure with a formal structure and two operational levels: a Central Hub (or Headquarters) and 14 National Nodes.

We will take the legal form of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) in 2024.

E-RIHS ERIC’s members are Member States of the European Union, EU-associated countries, third countries other than associated countries, and intergovernmental organizations.

Members may assign the observer status to potential members interested in joining the research infrastructure but not yet ready to become a member; E-RIHS has currently 3 observers: ICCROM, Austria and Sweden.

E-RIHS ERIC’s is structured as follows:

The General Assembly

It is the governing body of E-RIHS ERIC and it is composed of representatives of the members and the observers. It directs and supervises the research infrastructure. Each Member State representative has a single vote.

The Director General

The Director General is the legal representative of E-RIHS ERIC, and elaborates the strategic plan of the research infrastructure.

The Scientific and Ethics Advisory Board

It offers advice on request or on its own initiative to the General Assembly on the overall activities and policies of E-RIHS ERIC. The members are appointed by the General Assembly.

The Central Hub

It operates as the main access point to the research infrastructure. It provides operational and administrative support to the Director and helps E-RIHS ERIC in the coordination and management activities.

It is hosted in Florence, Italy. From 2024, the Headquarters is at the new and innovative hub, Manifattura Tabacchi, an old tobacco factory, recently regenerated with an innovative and creative urban plan to give a new life to the historic buildings designed by Giovanni Bartoli and Pier Luigi Nervi. Here past, present and future meet.

Visit our space in Manifattura Tabacchi


National Nodes

The National Nodes operate at the national level in diverse legal frameworks, represent Members and coordinate facilities at the national level. They are managed by their National Coordinators.

National Nodes’ Members offer access to research facilities, training, consultancy, technology transfer, and dissemination, regulated by specific policies.

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Central Hub

ICCROM | Prospective permanent observer

ICCROM is an intergovernmental organization working in service to its Member States to promote the conservation of all forms of cultural heritage in every region of the world. Its headquarters is in Rome, Italy.