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If you really want to understand what heritage science means and what E-RIHS is, you must see these videos. They cover a wide range of topics and show you people, tools, and experiences in heritage science. Find your next favourite video.

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IPERION HS services

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ARCHLAB: Scientific archives for heritage science

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FIXLAB: Fixed Laboratories for heritage science

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MOLAB: Mobile Laboratories for Heritage Science

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IPERION HS - How to successfully submit a proposal

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Welcome to our Gallery section, where science, art, history, and scientific exploration come together in a captivating visual experience. Immerse yourself in a virtual space that celebrates the cultural heritage of Europe and showcases the remarkable achievements of interdisciplinary research.

As you step into our digital gallery, prepare to embark on a journey through time and space. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a history buff, or a curious explorer, there is something here to ignite your imagination.

brand identity

At E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science), our brand identity represents our core values, mission, and commitment to advancing heritage science. It embodies our vision of fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and preserving our shared cultural heritage.

Our brand identity is built upon several key elements that reflect our organization’s essence:

    • Logo: Our logo is a visual representation of E-RIHS. It incorporates a harmonious combination of symbols and colors that convey our commitment to heritage science. The logo represents the integration of various disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our work. It evokes a sense of unity, collaboration, and progress.

      The logo is protected as a trademark in Europe, US, BR, PE, Canada and Argentina. The use of the logo must be required and supervised by the Communications Office.

    • Colors: The colors we have chosen for our brand identity are carefully selected to evoke specific emotions and associations. The primary color palette consists of deep blue, representing stability, trust, and expertise, while vibrant green signifies growth, innovation, and sustainability. These colors are intended to inspire confidence and reflect the values we uphold.
    • Typography: The typography used in our brand identity reflects a balance between modernity and professionalism. The selected fonts are clean, legible, and versatile, allowing for clear communication and conveying a sense of professionalism and credibility.
    • Imagery: The imagery associated with our brand showcases the diversity and richness of cultural heritage. It features captivating visuals of artifacts, historical sites, scientific equipment, and researchers at work. These images not only highlight the importance of heritage preservation but also emphasize the dynamic and evolving nature of heritage science.
    • Messaging: Our brand messaging is focused on promoting collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the pursuit of excellence in heritage science. We aim to communicate our dedication to supporting the research community, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices. Our messaging reflects our commitment to promoting innovation, sustainability, and the responsible management of cultural heritage.