Malta started showing an interest in joining E-RIHS in January 2019 when Dr. Luca Pezzati and Ms. Monique Bossi came to Malta for an exchange of information with the local heritage entities and the interested University of Malta Departments. Discussions continued over the months and years, with the support of the Ministry of the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government. An MoU was formally signed on the 6th of June 2022, with all the entities who had shown an interest in joining.

The principal aims underpinning the setting up of are:

  • protecting Cultural Heritage by seeking to facilitate the standardized connection of local heritage and heritage science communities to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies across Europe through the four E-RIHS access platforms: FIXLAB, MOLAB, ARCHLAB and DIGILAB
  • stimulating interdisciplinary research by harnessing the knowledge and working closely with professionals in the fields of STEAM –  promoting a synergy between science and technology, and the arts, humanities and natural sciences
  • creating opportunities for scientists and professionals related to Heritage and Heritage Science for training on innovative methods for the analysis, diagnosis and conservation of Cultural Heritage objects and monuments whilst also promoting the greater and better utilisation of such methods for Heritage
  • working in collaboration with the National Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage (NARCH) to bring together researchers from all areas of Heritage to collaborate on joint research initiatives whilst also promoting scientific excellence and innovation.

JoAnn Cassar
University of Malta

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