The Netherlands

Partners from different heritage domains (archaeology, movable and built heritage) can join the national node to promote integration and cooperation in scientific research into heritage. There are two kinds of partners (working titles):

  • Access partners who offer international access to data, knowledge, collections or equipment, with which a service level agreement is concluded. For example, universities, archives, collections.
  • Network partners who provide national access to knowledge, data, collections or equipment through the network they represent.

What the partners have to offer can be found in the Products and Services Catalogue (in preparation).

During the founding phase of E-RIHS NL, four projects were selected from the offer of the parties that actively participated in the development of E-RIHS from the start. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science subsidized these projects to strengthen the Dutch infrastructure in preparation for E-RIHS.NL. In consultation with the field, a second series of projects has been prepared with an open tender, aimed at archaeological heritage, which also includes movable archaeological heritage. In the third and final phase, projects will be examined with an emphasis on built heritage (2023) and movable heritage (2024).


Jan Van’t Hof
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE)

Services offered in the country

FIXLAB – access to existing scientific research facilities

MOLAB – deployment of a mobile laboratory with a number of research facilities

ARCHLAB – access to archives and libraries of participating institutions

DIGILAB  – unlocking and linking different types of research data and reference collections

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