Greece is the Greek cross-disciplinary Research Infrastructure (RI) in the service of Heritage Science (HS). exploits the expertise sourcing from the long-term involvement of our partners in the field of research for HS, the know-how derived from the participation in numerous EU and National projects related to HS, as well as the leading infrastructures and state-of-the-art instruments available in our laboratories, in order to deliver Innovative, Reliable and Efficient tools for addressing demanding challenges in Cultural Heritage research.

Our concept is described in three words/terms

Micro –  methods and tools appropriate for analytical studies of CH objects and materials, namely at the microscopic level. These involve novel laser/spectroscopic techniques for compositional analysis and mapping of materials on works of art, advanced methods for studying archaeological DNA and also modern laser-based technologies for conservation and restoration.

Macro – Non-invasive geophysical and geochemical measurements for surveying and mapping macroscopically the landscape of archaeological and historical sites including underwater ones.

Info – Development and use of innovative management systems that enable efficient documentation and handling of new data and information enhancing our understanding of CH sites, monuments and objects.


Demetrios Anglos
Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (IESL-FORTH)

Services offered in the country offers access to advanced research laboratories supporting end-users to employ innovative equipment and customized analytical and conservation methodologies in order to respond to their analytical problems and conservation challenges. Furthermore, it promotes innovation in heritage science research while encouraging dissemination, exploitation and communication of the results to this broad and multidisciplinary field. Last but not least encourages networking activities and supports specialized training and educational actions., under the name, also participates in the Hellas-CH facility which is included in the Greek National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.

  1. Laser material analysis
  2. Imaging and Diagnosis
  3. Subsurface geophysical mapping and imaging
  4. Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanner in cultural heritage
  5. Coastal & Underwater Survey
  6. Spectroscopic material characterization
  1. Laser Conservation
  2. Archaeogenomics – Paleogenomics
  3. Satellite / Aerial Remote Sensing
  4. Advance Modelling and Spatial Analysis Lab
  5. iTomography infrastructure
  1. Services on ontologies and data models
  2. Services on advanced information systems for cultural and scientific data
  3. Services on Terminology Information Systems
  4. Semantic interoperability, information integration and integrated access
  5. ArtBase system

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