Romania is included in the Romanian Roadmap since 2017 and maintained a top position in the 2021 Roadmap. The national node partnership is based on a memorandum of understanding between 5 research institutes, 2 art universities and 1 museum, and enlists a number of 9 affiliates (3 universities, 5 museums and 1 research institute), so far.


Roxana Radvan
National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics (INOE)

Services offered in the country

The Romanian National node provides services within all the 4 platforms:

ARCHLAB – access to national cultural heritage archives and cultural publications (analogue, photo and video archives)

DIGILAB – open access to an ongoing compilation of resources that contains over 1300 spectroscopy spectra linked to over 650 reference materials (paint components, artist colour paints, etc.).

FIXLAB – complex analysis and characterisation of the materials by corroborating complementary atomic, molecular and nuclear spectroscopic techniques, advanced microscopy (SEM, AFM), dating (14C or thermoluminescence), X-ray imaging (2D and 3D), Electronic spin resonance etc.

MOLAB services provided by cover the whole range of conservation needs starting from investigation and documentation, followed by analysis, characterisation and diagnosis, if necessary – intervention, and end with monitoring. All the services provided within MOLAB rely non/micro-invasive techniques and do not require sampling or sample preparation.  Services provided have as a result complex data fusion packages that corroborate imaging with spectral data, based on the specificity of each casuistic.


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