User meeting #05 | Non-destructive identification of bromoil, oil and transfer photographs

March 12th, 2024, will be the 5th and last User meeting organized by HS Academy. 

At 3 pm (CET), on the ZOOM platform, we’ll talk about the project Non-destructive identification of bromoil, oil and transfer photographs related to the TransNational Access (TNA) to IPERION HS Molab service.

The speakers Raquel Freixas-Jambert, Cristina Ruiz-Recasens and Marta Oriola-Folch will explain their work based on the used of non-destructive and non-invasive methods.

The goal of their research is to analyse photographic oil positives, also known as oil, bromoil, and bromoil transfer photos, using FTIR, XRF, Raman, and UV-VIS-NIR techniques to identify these unique traits and get additional insight into the materials that make them up.

The MOLAB service facilitated a study that would not otherwise have been possible, as they did not have access to this type of mobile heritage instrumentation, which is specifically required to analyse safely this type of large-format heritage artwork.

To learn more about the project, the researchers and to register, visit IPERION HS Website.

The User meeting series is organized by HS Academy and is a joint between IPERION HS  and E-RIHS.

The User meeting duration is broken down in:

  • 30-minute presentation by the users
  • 30-minute Q&A interactive session of the participants with the user.

You’ll receive an email with the link to follow the online event, before the start of the User Meeting.

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