Project outcomes

Deliverables will mark the achievements of the E-RIHS implementation phase. E-RIHS is committed to open access. So, once submitted to the European Commission, the deliverables are uploaded to the Zenodo community and they will serve as a starting point to continue the discussion on important matters that require a continuous updating. You can see the full list of E-RIHS IP deliverables below. To access those that are already available, click on them. You can read, download and print each of them.


D1.1 E-RIHS IP Project Handbook

D1.2 E-RIHS IP Project Data Management Plan

D2.1 Draft of E-RIHS SLA

D2.2 E-RIHS SLA Template

D2.3 E-RIHS Accounting Guidelines for Service Provision Costing

D2.4 Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Establishing E-RIHS National Node

D2.5 Guidelines for the E-RIHS Central Hub Management Practices

D2.6 Updated E-RIHS Rules of Procedures

D3.1 E-RIHS ERIC Human Resources Strategy and Procedures

D3.2 Detailed Rules on Procurement Procedures and Criteria

D3.3 E-RIHS Risk Management Strategy

D3.4 Draft of the E-RIHS Quality System Implementation Plan

D3.5 E-RIHS Quality System Implementation Plan

D4.1 E-RIHS Business Plan: Approach to its Revision

D4.2 Marketing Strategy for Boosting E-RIHS Services

D4.3 Revised E-RIHS Business Plan

D4.4 E-RIHS Enlargement Strategy

D4.5 Revised E-RIHS Training Strategy

D5.1 DIGILAB Implementation Plan


D5.3 E-RIHS ERIC Catalogue of Services: Approach and Advancement

D5.4 E-RIHS ERIC Catalogue of Service

D5.5 E-RIHS ERIC Access Policy: Approach and Advancement

D5.6 E-RIHS ERIC Access Policy

D5.7 E-RIHS ERIC User Strategy: Approach and Advancement

D5.8 E-RIHS ERIC User Strategy

D6.1 E-RIHS IP Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan 

D6.2 Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Strategy of E-RIHS ERIC

D6.3 Report on Cooperation Activities: Approach and Advancement

D6.4 Report on Cooperation Activities