Launching the OpenAIRE Gateway for Heritage Science Research!

Heritage science is a field of study that explores the material, social, and cultural significance of heritage. Scientists in this field work to uncover the secrets of our past, from the conservation and restoration of historic artefacts to innovative techniques for preserving cultural heritage.

The new Heritage Science Gateway is a valuable resource for heritage scientists. It offers a wealth of information on conservation, restoration, and preservation, as well as an array of other important topics in the field.

The gateway, developed with OpenAIRE CONNECT, provides researchers with open access to scientific publications and datasets.

We encourage all heritage scientists to take advantage of this invaluable resource and join the community by visiting the OpenAIRE Heritage Science Gateway, where they can connect with other scientists and share their own research outputs.

Let’s work together to uncover the secrets of our shared cultural heritage and preserve it for generations to come.

Heritage Science portal


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