E-RIHS structure and partnership

E-RIHS is on its way to become a pan-European distributed research infrastructure with the legal form of an European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

E-RIHS will have a star design, with a Central Hub in Italy and National Hubs in all participating countries. National Hubs could possibly be organised in Regional Hubs.

E-RIHS is currently in its preparatory phase (supported by EC through the E-RIHS PP project – H2020-INFRADEV-2016-2) on the way to submit the proposal to establish E-RIHS ERIC. E-RIHS PP partnership joins 16 countries (15 EU Member States plus Israel), 2 ERICs and 3 institutions representing scientific communities. E-RIHS PP also counts 6 observers, and involves over 100 heritage science institutions worldwide.

Participation to E-RIHS ERIC is open to more potential founding members – or observers – throughout the next years of the preparatory phase.