How to get involved with E-RIHS

E-RIHS allows for two different kinds of participation. You can either get involved as an individual or become a member or observer of the E-RIHS consortium.

If you are interested in becoming a Member or an Observer, or if you would like to find out more about contributing to E-RIHS in any way, please get in touch with us at


Guidance on how to participate as an organisation

Membership to E-RIHS ERIC is open to interested Member States of the European Union, Associated Countries, Third countries other than associated countries and intergovernmental organizations.

To apply for membership, you shall submit a written application to the Chair of the General Assembly, which is subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

Member States of the European Union, Associated countries, Third countries and intergovernmental organizations interested in E-RIHS, but who are not yet ready to join as Members, can join as Observers through specific agreements. The procedure is to apply with a written application to the Chair of the General Assembly. The request is subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

Visit the list of members and observers for more information on the composition of national consortia.

How to participate as an individual in E-RIHS

If you are an individual researcher interested in participating in E-RIHS, there are several ways to get involved and access the facilities and collections:

Excellence-Driven Access

E-RIHS offers Excellence-Driven Access that provides researchers with the opportunity to freely access the facilities and scientific collections of the E-RIHS providers.
Researchers can apply through the Catalogue of Services with multi-platforms or long-terms projects. The request will only concern publicly owned cultural and scientific collections, artefacts, objects, samples, monuments or sites. Exceptionally, E-RIHS can accept projects involving privately owned items (see specific rules-link).

Virtual Access

E-RIHS supports an Open Access policy to data and digital services.
DIGILAB is the platform which provides access to E-RIHS scientific data and digital services for users wherever they are based and follows the FAIR and Open Access principles.
You can access DIGILAB through the Catalogue of Services.

Remote Access

E-RIHS also allows researchers to remotely access various scientific instruments.
Through Remote Access, you can ask the providers to manage the configuration and access to specific instruments (eg. sensors, microscopes, controllers, etc.).
You can ask for this type of access through the Catalogue of Services or via email.

Market-driven Access

E-RIHS provides the opportunity for the industry to access its services in accordance with the global strategies and rules defined for commercial activities within the consortium. Market-Driven access is defined through a commercial contract between the user and the provider.

Fast Track Access

To facilitate research and answer urgent needs coming from extraordinary circumstances, E-RIHS has set up a Fast Track access to a selected number of instrumentations, without the necessity to undergo the regular evaluation procedure.
The proposal will have simply to pass through the “feasibility” step.
Users can ask fast fast-track access through the Catalogue of Services.