“E-RIHS Enlargement Workshop: Extending Collaborations Inside and Outside Europe” – A successful global workshop

An opportunity for future international cooperation

The international online workshop “E-RIHS Enlargement Workshop: Extending Collaborations Inside and Outside Europe” was an extraordinary opportunity to present E-RIHS to all global partners interested in joining or working with the infrastructure in the future.

The workshop started with an open introductory session on May 17, 2024, to introduce E-RIHS and the long history of projects that prepared the infrastructure launch, its activities, its scientific vision, the development and improvement of the services offered, cutting-edge training opportunities, and different collaboration opportunities.

In between, before the public closing session on May 27, geographical working sessions were planned with interested partners. Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE showed great interest and presented the specific problems and needs of their respective countries in the cultural heritage sector.

The workshop was a success, showing the international interest in E-RIHS and paving the way for new opportunities and interesting challenges for the future.

If you want to learn more, you can watch the speakers’ presentations.

  1. Introduction, Piotr Targowski, Polish National Node of E-RIHS
  2. Insight into E-RIHS: Mission, vision and activities, Vania Virgili, interim Director General of E-RIHS
  3. ERIC-to-be, Polonca Ropret, Chair of the Interim National Node Committee of E-RIHS ERIC-to-be
  4. 20 years of access: History and highlights, Brenda Doherty, Italian National Node of E-RIHS
  5. Development and improvement of E-RIHS services, Piotr Targowski, Polish National Node of E-RIHS
  6. HS Academy, Matija Strlič, Slovenian National Node of E-RIHS
  7. E-RIHS collaboration opportunities and requirements, Rémi Petitcol, French National Node of E-RIHS, Paula Maria Carmona Quiroga, Spanish National Node of E-RIHS

All the presentations are available also in the dedicated playlist

Learn more about the infrastructure and its cutting-edge opportunities for people working in the field of Cultural Heritage on the E-RIHS YouTube Channel

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