Bridging Science and Culture: Exploring Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Knowledge and preservation of Cultural Heritage | November 4-6, 2024

29th CHNT Conference in Vienna
Call for papers | Deadline on June 1st, 2024

Within the the 29th CHNT Conference scheduled on November 4-6, 2024 in Vienna, Heritage Science Austria, the network working to set up the Austrian national node of
E-RIHS has organised the session “Bridging Science and Culture: Exploring Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Knowledge and Preservation of Cultural Heritage”.
This session aims to address the role of various scientific and technological approaches for understanding and preserving cultural heritage as well as offering a venue for ongoing multi- and interdisciplinary projects using advanced analytical methods, such as microscopy, spectrometry, elemental analysis and XRF-based methods, gas chromatography, thermoanalysis, microbiology, and environmental monitoring, to enquire the composition, degradation processes, and preservation needs of cultural heritage objects.

Topics of interest may include:

  • the identification of microstructures
  • the analysis of surface morphology
  • the degradation mechanisms
  • the study of microorganisms and biological growth
  • the identification of chemical composition and elemental analysis
  • the determination of metal composition and analysis of corrosion products on metal artifacts
  • the characterization of organic materials such as resins, varnishes, and adhesives as well as the identification of organic compounds in archaeological residues
  • the identification of trace elements for provenance studies
  • the analysis of degradation products in organic materials
  • the investigation of thermal stability and decomposition kinetics
  • the assessment of biodeterioration and microbial activity.

The organisers would also welcome papers addressing the identification of microbial communities in museums and collections, the evaluation of conservation strategies to mitigate microbial degradation and the monitoring of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and pollution levels, also in relation to the on-going climate crisis.

You can submit an abstract for a 20-minute talk at this link: Submissions | Abstracts for the 29th Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2024 ( This page contains all the necessary instructions and the abstract Template.

Click HERE for the programme of the conference.

Please note that the language of the conference is English.

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