SPIE 03A – Optics for Art, Architecture, and Archaeology: VII international conference

O3A: Optics for Art, Architecture and Archaeology 2019 International Congress Center, Münich, 24-27 June 2019 The 9th...

2nd E-RIHS annual meeting in Madrid

The 2nd E-RIHS annual meeting will be held in Madrid, at the Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, Spanish National...

E-RIHS survey for Heritage Science Community

A survey to assess the socioeconomic impact of E-RIHS E-RIHS has launched a survey to assess the socioeconomic impact...

Scientific Symposium Frontiers in Heritage Science (14–15 February 2019, Paris)

Scientific Symposium Frontiers in Heritage Science   The Symposium is the first of the two main events of the World...

E-RIHS: Digital Heritage Science and Infrastructures for Transatlantic Cooperation

E-RIHS special session at the international congress and expo "Digital Heritage 2018" A special E-RIHS session will be...


E-RIHS is the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science that supports research on heritage interpretation, preservation, documentation and management. E-RIHS mission is to deliver integrated access to expertise, data and technologies through a standardized approach, and to integrate world-leading European facilities into an organisation with a clear identity and a strong cohesive role within the global heritage science community.


Catalysing new cross-disciplinary research by mobilising expertise and researchers in the humanities and natural sciences.

Building state-of-the-art tools and services for research communities and the heritage industry.

Leading the way in the development of digital platforms for the improved understanding, visualisation and use of heritage.

Integrating world-class facilities across Europe to connect the global community of heritage science.

Driving scientific excellence and innovation through visionary research projects.

Developing skills and capabilities to build strong science and to foster collaboration.

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SEAHA conference – call for papers

Call for Papers The next SEAHA Conference on Heritage Science will be held in the University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment between April 1st and 3rd 2019. About the Event The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Bridging the Gap’ and through this...

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