PIN – Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l’Università di Firenze,  is a consortium created by the University of Florence with the Municipality and Province of Prato, entrepreneurial and category associations to support research and University courses in Prato. Research activity is organized in laboratories, the one in charge of Cultural Heritage applications being VAST-LAB. VAST-LAB has participated in EU projects since 2004 with EPOCH, a NoE on the use of ICT in Cultural Heritage, where besides being one of the four Project Directors it developed mapping tools (AMA) for legacy cultural metadata and a semantic data management tool for archaeological data (MAD). Research activity has continued since then, with the participation or coordination in EU-funded projects, the organization of international conferences or the coordination of dedicated sessions, and other research activities, which have led the PIN VAST-LAB team to be a leader on the organization and management of archaeological data and the related semantics.