The Institute of the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (IPCHS),  performs public service in the field of protection of cultural property. It was established by the Republic of Slovenia. The mission is to perform public service in the field of the protection of immovable cultural heritage as well as movable and intangible heritage while striving for sustainability, safeguarding, resilience and the enhancement of heritage. The main task of the institute is the preservation and development of Slovene cultural heritage and its diversity, including its natural and cultural environment as parts of the European and World heritage. The IPCHS implements many measures aimed at the integration of heritage into modern life and society, sustainable valorisation, promotion and presentation of heritage to the public and raising awareness of its values. The institute employs various specialists: archaeologists, architects, ethnologists, landscape architects, art historians, historians, documentarists, conservators-restorers, natural sciences professionals, and technicians. Research activities are marked by the interdisciplinary cooperation of experts in natural sciences and humanistic studies at the national and international level who strive for an integrated approach in the evaluation of cultural heritage objects while employing modern research equipment.
Additionally, the institute is also in charge of training new researchers, organising workshops and scientific meetings (domestic and foreign), and promoting research activities. The main research infrastructure of IPCHS, as well as its know-how, are located at its Research Institute (RI) and its Centre for Preventive Archaeology (CPA).