The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA),  is the national statutory cultural heritage organisation of the State of Israel. With over 300 cultural heritage professionals, the IAA is the largest employer of archaeologists in the country, of which 60 hold doctoral degrees. Of the approximately 400 archaeological excavations and surveys conducted annually in Israel, 95% are carried out by the staff of the IAA. These excavations are published in peer-reviewed publications and book series: (
The IAA maintains a series of finds treatment laboratories, specializing in ceramic restoration, the digitized illustration of finds, conservation of metals, stone, textiles, organic finds, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (, petrography and conservation of sites (
The IAA maintains a research archive ( and a searchable database of publications (http://iaatemp. Computerised databases include GIS-based archives of sites, surveys, and licenses. The databases and archival material available to IAA researchers place the IAA in a primary position to both disseminate and analyse archaeological data for the advancement of research. Furthermore, with a wide-ranging staff of archaeologists – with expertise from the prehistoric period up till modern time, conservators and laboratory staff, together with a strong support team of technicians, the IAA is able to conduct interdisciplinary research from the field, right through to publication.