CERIC-ERICwww.ceric-eric.eu,  is a distributed research facility, set up by the European Commission in June 2014 as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). The consortium, with statutory seat in Italy, has been built by integrating leading national multidisciplinary analytical, synthesis and sample preparation capabilities of Partner Facilities operating mainly in the Central European Area (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary), into a unique, EU-level Distributed Research Infrastructure, open to researchers at world level. It offers free and open access based on excellence assessed by peer review, to cutting-edge instruments and services in the fields of analysis and synthesis of novel materials through a single entry point. CERIC makes optimum use of resources and know-how by coordinating research and development of relevant technologies, by promoting and coordinating joint training of scientific and technical personnel and young researchers, and by collaborating with neighboring communities and industry. The governance involves ministerial representatives of the member countries, the directors of the Partner Facilities, a scientific international advisory board and an Executive Director. CERIC activities are distributed in the participating Countries and cover administration, communication, technology transfer and sponsored research. CERIC is a member of ERF-AISBL, the ERIC network, and RESAVER.