A proposal: E-RIHS as a Global Research Infrastructure

E-RIHS is one of the four Research Infrastructures proposed by Italy as a Global Research Infrastructure. The proposal is under evaluation.


Preservation of cultural and natural heritage is a global challenge for science and society at large. E‐RIHS provides state‐of‐the‐art tools and services to the multidisciplinary communities of researchers working to advance the knowledge of world heritage and of its preservation strategies. Several communities are joining efforts to operate E‐RIHS, acknowledging the need for an integrated approach. Some of these are integrating national infrastructure activities under projects such as IPERION CH (H2020) for Cultural Heritage research and ARIADNE (FP7) for archaeology; while others are prominent national infrastructures, such as CENIEH (ES) for palaeoanthropology. E‐RIHS is collecting a strong interest by prominent international institutions, leading to a world‐wide network of potential partners, and is then working for the possible integration of a global research infrastructure: G‐RIHS. The intergovernmental organization ICCROM is supporting the initiative and is committed to host the future legal entity of the global infrastructure.

Heritage science is a cross‐cutting domain embracing a wide range of research disciplines supporting the various aspects of tangible and intangible heritage conservation, interpretation and management. G‐RIHS will integrate national facilities of recognized excellence in heritage science. It aims to establish a distributed RI with a sustainable plan of activities, including offering access to a wide range of high‐level scientific instruments, methodologies, data and tools for advancing knowledge and innovation in the preservation of heritage. G‐RIHS will play a connecting role in the global community of heritage science, fostering a trans‐disciplinary culture of exchange and cooperation.

Read the GSO – Progress report 2017

More info on GSO available here



List of Countries in G‐RIHS Proposal

EU member States (18): BE – Belgium; BG – Bulgaria; CY – Cyprus; CZ ‐ Czech Republic; DE – Germany; DK – Denmark; ES – Spain; FR  France; GR – Greece; HU – Hungary; IE – Ireland; IT – Italy; NL – The Netherlands; PL – Poland; PT – Portugal; SE – Sweden; SI – Slovenia; UK – United Kingdom.

All other Countries (10): AU – Australia; BR – Brazil; CA – Canada; CH – China; CV – Cabo Verde; IN – India; IL – Israel; QA – Qatar; TW – Taiwan; US – United States of America.