Training experts with a high scientific profile in Cultural Heritage

The selections are open to participating in the PhD in ‘Archaeological, historical architectural and landscape Mediterranean heritage: integrated systems of knowledge, design, protection and enhancement’ promoted in agreement with the Polytechnic of Bari and the National Research Council (CNR), whose deadline for participation is 31 August 2020. The doctoral course, based in Taranto, will be coordinated by Giuliano Volpe and aims at training experts with a high scientific profile, to operating in research, protection, enhancement, communication and management of Cultural Heritage.

A multi and interdisciplinary preparation will support the traditional training in the archaeological and architectural field. The young researchers of the PhD program can count on the facilities of the ISPC, the Institute of Heritage Sciences. ISPC is the CNR hub for research, innovation, training and technology transfer of the strategic area of ​​Cultural Heritage, and part of the Italian node of E-RIHS. supports three of the nine scholarships for the 36th PhD cycle, of the academic year 2020-2021.

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Costanza Miliani  – Director of ISPC

Giuseppe Scardozzi  – Head of the ISPC Lecce branch