Access: IPERION CH is launching a new call


Finally, IPERION CH has currently launched its 6th call for proposals for TNA. Thus, groups of researchers from the EU and associated countries can apply for free to European world-class facilities for Heritage Science research projects through three transnational platforms, that are:

  • ARCHLAB – access to specialised knowledge and organized scientific information in datasets from ten archives of  European museums, galleries and research institutions;
  • FIXLAB –  access to large-scale facilities uniquely also having expertise in CH for sophisticated scientific investigations on samples or whole objects;
  • MOLAB – access to an impressive collection of advanced mobile analytical instrumentation for non-invasive measurements. MOLAB can analyze objects, archaeological sites and historical monuments. The Mobile LABoratory allows its users to implement complex multi-technique diagnostic projects, permitting the most effective in situ investigations.


Specifically, you can learn more about the available techniques in the specific section of the IPERION CH website. In the same section, you can also find details about eligibility criteria and application forms. Moreover, be careful and verify here the deadlines that are different for the three platforms.