HS Academy meetings restart.
On September 12, the 3rd IPERION HS Users Meeting will be held at 3 pm, online, on the Zoom platform.

The event will feature researchers Diego Quintero Balbas and Vanessa Antunes, respectively from CNR-INO, National Research Council – National Institute of Optics (Florence, Italy), and ARTIS FLUL– Institute of Art History at the University of Lisbon (Portugal).

The speakers present their TNA projects, part of the IPERION HS programme.

Dr. Diego Quintero will discuss the “LANGE” project, FIXLAB TNA. He studied artifacts made of gelatin and glass: photographic negatives and modern paintings using linear and non-linear laser technologies.
The project wants to set up a non-invasive methodology to study the stratigraphic structure of the gelatin layers laid over the glass to understand their degradation and aid their conservation.

Dr. Vanessa Antunes speaks about her ARCHLAB TNA project – the “ZAINTIBERIA”. She involves a comparative analysis of the materials and technical methods employed by Francisco de Zurbarán in his paintings at the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe.
The project wants to demonstrate Zurbarán’s influence on the techniques utilized by the Óbidos workshop through the juxtaposition of Zurbaràn painting with observations from the painting workshop of Baltazar Gomes Figueira and Josefa d’Óbidos in the Portuguese territory.

Users Meeting #03 is part of the IPERION HS TNA Users Meeting series: an appointment to discover more about past TNA projects. An opportunity to meet professionals and ask about their FIXLAB, ARCHLAB and MOLAB projects and understand how to write a good proposal to participate in future TNA calls.

The duration of the meeting is broken down into:
– 30 minutes presentations of Users projects (15 minutes for each User);
– 30 minutes for the Q&A interactive session of the participants with the Users.

Please, register here to take part in the 3rd Users Meeting at www.iperionhs.eu/iperion-hs-3rd-tna-users-meeting