Creating an effective collaborative research environment

Today E-RIHS launches its first online training module as a result of the work carried out in collaboration between research-intensive organisations, such as academia or research institutes, and practice-led organisations, such as heritage organisations and other public bodies, policy-making organisations or the general public. The video is focussed on collaborative research in Heritage Science and answers specific questions.

What are the hindrances and how do we overcome them? How do we design a collaborative proposal that has the optimal options to succeed? How do we take personal motivations and institutional strategies into account? A few foremost experts in the field of heritage science research and our E-RIHS training team guide you through the process.

This training video could be suitable for anyone embarking on the development of a collaborative research project, or those wishing to improve the management of complex interdisciplinary collaborative consortia. It may also be useful for funders as they design or monitor collaborative research projects.

We are particularly grateful to Nancy Bell, Cecilia Bembibre, Loic Bertrand, Costanza Miliani, Polonca Ropret and Matija Strlic for their contributions.

The learning contents are largely based on the outcomes of the research project “Mind the Gap”, funded by the Science and Heritage Programme of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

For further reading, please see this paper:

The video was produced in the frame of the Horizon 2020 project “European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science – Preparatory Phase” (GA n.739503).