Two Cypriot researchers in Florence are scanning in 3D the Blaschka glass replicas of invertebrates


Between 13 – 17 February 2017 the Florence based Foundation for Science and Technology hosted two researchers of The Cyprus Institute. Dante Abate and Sorin Hermon arrived with the mission to solve the impossible, that is a 3D scan of the famous Blaschka glass replicas of invertebrates. These objects are replicas of the works of glass artists Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, created in 19th century in Dresden. They created over 10,000 of highly detailed glass models, representing some 700 different species. The Foundation for Science and Technology preserves 118 replicas.

While applying a novel and experimental pipeline, the team 3D documented more than 30 objects of the collection.  Each of them are different from the other in terms of shape details, technique of manufacture or materials used. Thus, a versatile and agile documentation method had to be implemented, which has to adapt and fine tune to each documented object. Due to promising preliminary results, the team aims to return and complete the 3D scan of the collection. This means to make this physically unaccessible treasure accessible for research, education and outreach. The work has been done within the framework of E-RIHS, that is the newly launched European Infrastructure for Heritage Science.

Dante Abate in action – 3D documentation of one of the Blaschka glass objects


3D model of one of the collection’s item.