E-RIHS and ICCROM signed the Statement of Cooperation in Warsaw in September 2018

ICCROM and E-RIHS share a mutual interest to promote the development of conservation and they have identified four areas of cooperation at the global level:

1.Dissemination and advocacy

ICCROM will seek to enhance the visibility of E-RIHS and dissemination of its results and will communicate the potential value of E-RIHS to its member states.

2.Training and capacity building

ICCROM and E-RIHS will monitor the training environment for heritage conservation and heritage science to establish training needs and develop effective responses to these. E-RIHS and ICCROM will cooperate in the development of training opportunities to enable transdisciplinary working within heritage science.

3. Knowledge exchange

ICCROM and E-RIHS will work together to promote open access policies and opportunities within its member states and will contribute to developing digital knowledge resources.

4. Impact enhancement

E-RIHS and ICCROm will define impact pathways for heritage science, develop methods to evaluate heritage science impact and identify ways to enhance heritage science impact.