Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation (STAC): international conference in Jordan


The 8th international conference on STAC will take place in Amman, Jordan, from 21th to 25th May, 2017. The conference is under the patronage of Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan, UNESCO and ICCROM.

On this occasion, WATCH, CULTECH and FOCUH (Friends of Cultural Heritage) join their efforts to organize training workshops, B2B meetings, speakers on stage sessions. The overall conference programme will last five full days, with activities often directly involving all participants.

Plenary sessions will address and open interdisciplinary debate on the key issues identified:

  • UNITE4Heritage. A call to the international community for a comprehensive effort to protect Cultural Diversity under Attack: Protecting Heritage for Peace. Possible contribution from the stakeholders in coping with the huge effort required to protect cultural heritage;
  • Climate changes, global warming, natural and anthropogenic disasters. Current experiences in progressive civil military cooperation for the protection of cultural heritage before and during catastrophic circumstances;
  • Challenges and new trends in Cultural Heritage Management in the age of massive cultural tourism and the associated increased economic growth expectations. Possible scenarios for a win win reconciliation of the needs to protect cultural heritage with those of its sustainable promotion;
  • Theory of Cultural Heritage Restoration and Conservation. 3D reconstruction as opposed to ruins and conservation … to what extent should it go? A philosophy to negotiate between sciences, culture and economics of cultural heritage when almost nothing is left after the major events.


The conference will include six STAC thematic parallel sessions, that are Science – Technology – Management –  Policies – Legislation – Economy. In short, the event has a multidisciplinary character that reinforces the role of science and technology in investigating, protecting and promoting cultural heritage.

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