Heritage Science training materials available on the web

The PARTHENOS project, a cluster-project that brings together knowledge and resources from Research Infrastructures and Humanities projects, added two new sub-modules and a collection of video case studies to its Training Suite, a platform that provides reusable training materials that can be accessed for free by students, lecturers and anyone interested in issues and skills related to e-Heritage and Digital Humanities. 

The two new sub-modules, “Collections of Digitised Newspapers as Historical Sources”, written by Luxembourg and Swiss-based project Impresso and “Digital Humanities and Heritage Research Infrastructures”, written by a multi-national team at E-RIHS, have been added to the ‘anthology’ module “Digital Humanities Research Questions and Methods”.

The “Digital Humanities and Heritage Research Infrastructures” sub-module were written by a team led by Prof. Haida Liang and Dr. Sotiria Kugou (both based at Nottingham Trent University, UK) on behalf of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS). The module describes new approaches to the study of Pre-Modern Manuscripts and makes users able to:

  • Recognise the complexity involved in the study of pre-modern manuscripts and the specific challenges connected with their analysis;
  • Understand how Digital Humanities and Heritage Science Research Infrastructures can contribute to the examination of pre-modern manuscripts.


Digital Humanities and Heritage Science Research Infrastructures