eScience: The digital revolution inside research


The thirteenth IEEE Conference will take place in Auckland, New Zealand from 24 – 27 October 2017.  The objective of the conference is to promote and encourage all aspects of eScience and its associated technologies, applications, and tools.

The way in which research is carried out is undergoing a series of radical changes as a result of the digital revolution. Researchers in all disciplines are increasingly adopting digital tools, techniques and practices in communities and projects. Thus, the conference brings together leading international and interdisciplinary research communities, developers, and users of IT applications. The conference is the premier forum to present the results of the latest research and product/tool developments and it serves to highlight related activities from around the world.

For the purpose of introducing the main topics, the three keynotes will be:

  • Professor Merryn Tawhai
  • Professor Marina Jirotka
  • Dr James Hetherington.


In addition to the main programme, a confirmed workshop entitled “BigDig. High Throughput Digitization for Natural History Collections” will take place within the conference. BigDig aims to bring together leading experts in the technologies, practice and requirements for high throughput digitization of the world scientific collections. The workshop will catalyze new and important ideas. Therefore, it will enable significant progress on the challenging problem of translating large collections of physical specimens into the digital realm. In this way, they may contribute to a new understanding of biodiversity and natural history.

Here the programme of the workshop. Surely, The Cyprus Institute will participate in the workshop.

For more info about the conference, please visit the website: