DIGILAB: A new infrastructure for Heritage Science


Luca Pezzati, coordinator of E-RIHS, and Achille Felicetti (INO-CNR, Italy) published a note addressing the DIGILAB platform. Particularly, you can read the article DIGILAB: A New Infrastructure for Heritage Science in the October number of ERCIM News magazine. The magazine is a special number devoted to the theme “Digital Humanities”. Specifically, the article contains description of new projects and trends in the interdisciplinary domain between computer science and the humanities.

Pezzati and Felicetti described the potentiality of the new platform. Surely, it will facilitate virtual access to tools and data hubs for heritage research from academic, research and heritage institutions. Data and tools will include measurement results, analytical data and documentation.

Inspired by FAIR principles, the cloud-based platform will manage huge amounts of scientific data in a flexible and interoperable way. Thus, DIGILAB will foster their publication and redistribution in various formats, in accordance with the related policies.

The image is a screenshot from MOVIDA, a software developed by Anna Amat (CNR, Italy)
The analysis of the portrait by Édouard Manet from the Courtauld Gallery was the subject of the MOLAB project “EXAMANET” . EXAMANET was a IPERION CH access project.