The European Commission has recently approved a budget of 4 million euros from H2020 funds for the preparatory phase of E-RIHS PP – European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase.

E-RIHS PP is finally approved


Italy (CNR) is the leader country of E-RIHS PP, whose partners are 15 Member States plus Israel. E-RIHS PP brings together scholars and professionals experts in human and natural sciences – archaeologists, art historians, anthropologists, paleontologists, restorers, conservation scientists, just to name but a few – who recognize the need of an integrated approach by developing together Heritage Science.

The aim of E-RIHS PP is to create a unique research infrastructure distributed around Europe and aggregated in national nodes. So that the infrastructure will be able to offer access to cutting-edge tools, methodologies and data organized in four platforms:

  • MOLAB, that is the mobile facilities for non-invasive analysis in situ;
  • FIXLAB that consists of synchrotrons, neutron sources, accelerators for dating and characterization of artistic, archaeological and anthropologic materials;
  • ARCHLAB that includes archives of physical data unpublished, preserved in prestigious European museums, galleries and research institutes, and
  • DIGILAB that is the platform for the direct access to data stored in databases and digital libraries.


The operational phase will start on January 2017 and last for three years (2017-2019). During this period, partners and delegates will decide about governance, financial plan, rules, logistics and the legal and operational headquarter of the new European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

Finally, the participation of ICCROM in this initiative will help E-RIHS involve extra-European countries and become a Global Research Infrastructure under the Italian leadership.

For more details, click on CNR press release