Building E-RIHS

E-RIHS is currently in its preparatory phase (PP) working on assembling a worldwide network of affiliated partners and creating a global research infrastructure with the support of the intergovernmental organization ICCROM.

Following preliminary work done mainly in the framework of the H2020 IPERION-CH and ARIADNE projects, E-RIHS preparatory phase started in 2017 and will last three years (2017-2020). The first two will be used to address governance, financial aspects, legal documents and logistics. This will lead to a business plan ready for application to ERIC, or to another suitable legal form, by 2019. The last year will be devoted to negotiations with stakeholders, based on the agreed instruments, further strategic planning and to start up of activities for entering the transition phase. E-RIHS will hopefully be launched as a stand-alone RI in 2021.

E-RIHS brings together 18 countries as founding members, 10 international countries as supporting partners and over 80 institutions. Participation in the future infrastructure of other member countries of the European Union, associated countries, third countries (other than associated countries) or intergovernmental organizations is also open with the long-term vision to transform E-RIHS into a global research institution.




Institutions involved