H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)  Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

The CHANGE project will take cultural heritage digitization to a new level by exploring digital datasets for deeper analysis and interpretation. The main idea is to develop methodologies for the assessment of changes in CH objects by comparing and combining digital datasets captured at different time periods. The validity of the methods has to be evaluated through case studies conducted in collaboration with CH experts and stakeholders. The project is an interdisciplinary approach combining expertise on imaging techniques, computing, CH, and conservation science.

The CHANGE project will train a new generation of early-stage researchers towards a common goal, namely the assessment of changes of tangible cultural heritage (CH) objects and their monitoring in the atmosphere and/or during their conservation treatment using multimodal imaging techniques in complement to more traditional analytical techniques. Their research will consist of an optimized capturing of data and their analysis, visualization and management to ensure a better documentation and long-term preservation of our common EU CH. This work will be carried out within an interdisciplinary environment involving 5 CH and 4 Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) beneficiary institutions as well as 9 CH, ICT and industrial partners from 8 EU countries.

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