Fragmentation, duplication of efforts, isolation of small research groups put at risk the competitive advantage of European heritage science research, spearheaded so well in the past by its unique cultural heritage. The long‐term tradition of this field of research, the ability to combine science with innovation, and the support provided by EU‐funded projects and integrating activities such as EU‐ARTECH, CHARISMA and IPERION CH in conservation science, and ARIADNE in archaeology, represent the background of E-RIHS. E-RIHS exploits the synergy of the cooperation among the academy, research centres, museums and cultural institutions. Both the scientific and the socio‐economic importance connected with heritage science are nowadays evident. The research community has achieved the maturity necessary to make the leap towards a permanent European research infrastructure that will impact broadly on society and economy.

E-RIHS in a nutshell


Catalysing new cross-disciplinary research by mobilising expertise and researchers in the humanities and natural sciences.

Building state-of-the-art tools and services for research communities and the heritage industry.

Leading the way in the development of digital platforms for the improved understanding, visualisation and use of heritage.

Integrating world-class facilities across Europe to connect the global community of heritage science.

Driving scientific excellence and innovation through visionary research projects.

Developing skills and capabilities to build strong science and to foster collaboration.