October 2nd ‐ 6th  2017
St Ayoul Church in Provins (France)

The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the French Laboratory of Research on Historical Buildings (LRMH) are organizing the 2st IPERION CH Training Camp, which is  to be held at St Ayoul Church in Provins (France) from 2nd  to 6th October, 2017.

IPERION CH (http://www.iperionch.eu/)  is a consortium that brings together major European centres of research in Heritage Science. It consists of 23 partners from 12 Member States plus one in the US, together with a large network of affiliations and collaborations. Its high status is supported by the significance of their facilities and by the international reputation of their scientists and experts for cutting edge research, combining high level technical expertise with an outstanding historical and archaeological knowledge of cultural heritage materials of all types.

The Training Camp will offer the opportunity for a hands‐on training regarding the functioning of the MOLAB platform (The MObileLABoratory) of IPERION CH, which gives access to an impressive collection of advanced mobile analytical instrumentation for non‐invasive measurements on precious, fragile or immovable objects, archaeological sites and historical monuments. The MOLAB allows its users to implement complex multi-technique diagnostic projects, facilitating the most effective in situ investigations. This Training Camp will offer practical training for the MOLAB, and will show trainees and students how science can contribute to the identification and evaluation of conservation posed by all kind of immovable artefacts (paintings, architectural painted decorations, stones etc…).

The IPERION CH Training Camp is specifically aimed at young researchers but it is also opened to professionals in the field of Cultural Heritage (either individuals or teams from public and/or private institutions). These professionals should be interested furthering research on conservational and analytical problems. Possible questions to be studied include:

  • questions related to art history and archeology techniques, dating, under‐drawings in paintings etc.),
  • the assessment of the state of conservation of artefacts,
  • the definition and testing of optimal preservation strategies in order to slow down alteration processes,
  • the monitoring of conservation treatments, risk assessment, etc.


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